Dwyn was a Southerner first, a Dragon second. When his time came, he went South.

IRONSFORK is an adult epic fantasy. A fire-breathing elemental dwarf is imprisoned for trespassing, but punished as if he committed the murder he was accused of nine years before. As he struggles to escape from the ruthless necromancer who holds him hostage by his own magic, he uncovers the secrets of the lost mountain magic that once made dwarves like him the Dragon protectors of every mountain in his world. But embracing this destiny means losing his freedom forever.

IRONSFORK has found a home! Publishing with Fractured Mirror, 2022!


Death was in the water. Holly could taste it.

TREE GODS is an adult rural fantasy with M/M romance. Imagine if Romeo fell in love with Tybalt in rural Georgia, but Tybalt’s family was a murderous bunch of trees. A logging company executive negotiating a deal to cut down old growth forests in Georgia falls in love with a rabid environmentalist who is actually a Drus, a male dryad. Their love divides a human family, and plunges the sentient forest into chaos. Happily-ever-after depends on two things: a man who learns what he wants most in life, and a tree who will give up the title of king for the man he loves.



It’s quite simple to become a ghost after all. Picture that you’ve just died, literally with your pants down in a quiet corner somewhere, and when you come to yourself after all the misery you’ve just suffered, you see a door open in the air in front of you. You can’t see what’s beyond the door. It’s as dark as the place you’ve come from. Now, do you go through and see what is on the other side, or do you stay with the person you’ve known all your life—your corpse? That’s it really. When you die, you can go through the door or you can stay on the side you understand, even if it’s not a side you were particularly fond of in your life. I stayed.

FLIPPING is an adult paranormal romance. A gay ghost haunts the man who is trying to flip a haunted mansion in ghost-crazed Savannah. But when a real-estate developer offers fast cash to raze the house and build a new attraction on the spot, the ghost has to change tactics. He has to make the man fall in love with him to save the house for himself and his found family of earth-bound spirits. Imagine The Money Pit with ghosts. The unique perspective of a ghost as the protagonist offers a window into a whole new take on magic, haunted houses, and a chance for love in the afterlife.


out from City Owl, July 28, 2022!

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My Dear Detested Ida,

 I hope this letter finds you poxxed, feverish, and confined to your bed. Alas, I’m sure you are well and as hateful as ever.

Regarding the plague, I am indeed the architect of it. Some of my better work, if I may be permitted to brag. You did not need to flatter me, but I did appreciate it. I suggest you take it up with the Cardinal Witches at our next council meeting. I would refer you to consult Mage’s Journal of Magical Manipulations–I do believe I am perfectly within my limits to send a plague, and if it happens to blight roses as well as people, I can only applaud my ability to wreak a two-for-the-price-of-one kind of havoc. Contrary to what you good witches believe, the demands of dark magic are not something a wicked witch takes lightly.

I took exception to the dandelions you sent on the wind to spoil my lawn. But next time, you will want to give more attention to their vulnerability to goat-urine weed killer. I’m pleased to say I have eliminated them all, and your attempt to sabotage my entry in the Witch Weedly Annual Garden Contest has failed, yet again. You’ll have to try harder next month. By the way, how are your Cinderella Pumpkins? Thriving? You might want to check.

I hope they all die.



Witches Hector West and Ida North have been poisonous pen pals for nine-hundred years. They’ve seen magic in their kingdom evolve from the days when knights on white chargers slew dragons to rescue fair maidens to the modern day, when the magic of Happily-Ever-After has been used to cement world peace. Now the abduction of the princess involves selection by committee, only princes get a stab at the carefully rigged contest, and the dragons send their own prince to fight in a mock tournament that provides lasting love and romance for the happy couple for the rest of their natural lives.

But when Hector and Ida’s long-standing feud by hate mail disrupts the Happily-Ever-After magic, causing the dragon to fall in love with the princess, they have to fix the bad romance before it warps all of Happily-Ever-After for the entire world. Their jobs are on the line, and retirement is not an option when the commemoration gift for centuries of service is a tombstone. But with love in the air and magic going haywire because of it, avoiding their own bad romance might be the hardest thing they have to do.

GRUMPY OLD WITCHES is an adult fantasy rom-com.


I can explain the tutu. That was Bugsy’s idea. He thought it would be the best way to infiltrate the honeybee hive. He was right. Bees are mostly girls. And a guy like me with my blond hair might be mistaken for a bee if he wears the right wings and dyes the rest of his fur black. It almost worked, but my fake wing fell off and…

Teeth is a teenage moth-fairy, and a great henchman for his mob boss, the Fairy Godfather. In fact, he’s so good, he just might make godfather himself one day. Or so he thinks until a hit goes badly wrong. Teeth becomes the sole witness of a weapon that could kill of the rival fairies in The Meadowlands. But instead of being rewarded for his survival skills, he gets his wings torn off and is fed to the fishes. Teeth was born a fighter. He’s not giving up that easily. To get his wings back, he’ll need to overthrow The Fairy Godfather, even if it means wearing a…bee tutu???

Well, anything for revenge.

TEETH is a quirky upper grade MG fantasy with an edge, pitting a young fairy who values revenge above everything else in his life, until he finds out his life needs an overhaul. The Sopranos take Fern Gully.


13YO swamp troll Galt has his life all figured out.

  1. Win apprenticeship with the swamp’s top healer. Shouldn’t be too hard–she’s his mom.
  2. Become the best healer in the swamp and find a cure for allergies to fairy bites. Important–he’s been allergic all his life.
  3. Finally impress the rest of his large, loud family. Extra important–he’s not a proper troll and never will be, so this is his only chance to ever prove he’s got swamp guts.

The last thing he needs is another 13YO trashing his perfect plan, especially not the thirteenth and unwanted son of the elf-king. Lonni is bold, smart, and brave, all the things a healer should be, and he’s determined to take the apprenticeship away from Galt. Galt is determined to do whatever it takes to send his rival packing. But when he uses his skill to hurt rather than heal, he’s forced into a compromise that turns Lonni into much worse than a rival.

A friend.

SWAMP GUTS is an upper middle grade fantasy.