Dwyn was a Southerner first, a Dragon second. When his time came, he went South.

IRONSFORK is an adult epic fantasy complete at 130,000 words. A fire-breathing elemental dwarf is imprisoned for trespassing, but punished as if he committed the murder he was accused of nine years before. As he struggles to escape from the ruthless necromancer who holds him hostage by his own magic, he uncovers the secrets of the lost mountain magic that once made dwarves like him the Dragon protectors of every mountain in his world. But embracing this destiny means losing his freedom forever.

IRONSFORK is looking for the right champion to publish it. It features M/M romance, bisexual dwarves, and an unusual take on elemental magic that will have you seeing mountains in a whole new way. It is meant to be the first of a trilogy about Dwyn’s journey from ex-convict to Southern Dragon. The sequel is complete in first draft form.



Death was in the water. Holly could taste it.

TREE GODS is an adult rural fantasy with M/M romance. Imagine if Romeo fell in love with Tybalt in rural Georgia, but Tybalt’s family was a murderous bunch of trees. A logging company executive negotiating a deal to cut down old growth forests in Georgia falls in love with a rabid environmentalist who is actually a Drus, a male dryad. Their love divides a human family, and plunges the sentient forest into chaos. Happily-ever-after depends on two things: a man who learns what he wants most in life, and a tree who will give up the title of king for the man he loves.

TREE GODS is complete at 125,000 words and is ready for Beta readers. It is meant to be the first novel in a series of four books set in an enchanted forest in the Southern Appalachians.  The sequel and additional books are complete in first draft form. A walk in the woods will never be the same.


Under Construction


It’s quite simple to become a ghost after all. Picture that you’ve just died, literally with your pants down in a quiet corner somewhere, and when you come to yourself after all the misery you’ve just suffered, you see a door open in the air in front of you. You can’t see what’s beyond the door. It’s as dark as the place you’ve come from. Now, do you go through and see what is on the other side, or do you stay with the person you’ve known all your life—your corpse? That’s it really. When you die, you can go through the door or you can stay on the side you understand, even if it’s not a side you were particularly fond of in your life. I stayed.


FLIPPING is an adult paranormal fantasy. A gay ghost haunts the man who is trying to flip a haunted mansion in ghost-crazed Savannah. But when a real-estate developer offers fast cash to raze the house and build a new attraction on the spot, the ghost has to change tactics. He has to make the man fall in love with him to save the house for himself and his found family of earth-bound spirits. Imagine The Money Pit with ghosts.

FLIPPING is in first draft form! The unique perspective of a ghost as the protagonist offers a window into a whole new take on magic, haunted houses, and a chance for love in the afterlife.