Introducing Myself: On Writing

Hi! I’m an author living in west-central Arkansas, not far from the Ozark National Forest. Most of my writing reflects my fascination with the mountains and forests that I’m pleased to say are right in my own backyard.

I write adult fantasy. I’ve been writing since I was about fourteen years old, but wasn’t able to devote myself seriously to novel-length fiction until around five or six years ago. I’ve always loved reading it. I grew up with Tolkien, Peter Beagle, and Patricia Wrede. I read every fantasy book in my local library that I could get my hands on.

I discovered Neil Gaiman as an adult. American Gods rocked my world. Wow! Who knew that you could take fantasy elements and put them in a contemporary context? And suddenly, the idea that had dogged me for years, a contemporary story with dwarves living in the Ouachita Mountains where I grew up took shape. What if dwarves really lived there? What if mountains needed dwarves to be Dragons to protect them and preserve their magic? And what if somehow, all that had been subverted, and a new magic system took hold, leaving hundreds of abandoned mountains just looking for a Dragon to make them live again?

Most of my ideas begin with questions just like this. And the answers become my stories.


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