The Restorative Power of Fun (Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously)

So…it’s hot outside. So hot.

Summer finally showed up in his shorts and shades, and he brought the high pressure beach umbrella with him. This means that short of a hurricane, we will get no rain for the next three months.

I’m used to this. I usually deal with it by getting most of my hair cut off and hiding inside in dark, cool places and pretending it’s snowing outside. I suffer from reverse SAD every year. This is my way of coping.

But this year, we’ve got the garden. For whatever reason, I felt it necessary to plant roughly two dozen tomato plants, and as it’s not raining, I’m watering every day. And when you have a coon-skin cap on your head in 100F sauna, it’s not pleasant.

I’d held off cutting my own hair because it’s layered. I was scared. I’m not great working in front of a mirror. What if I do something horrible and I end up with a big bald spot on my head? I’ll look like a mangey dog! People will laugh at me! I’ll laugh at me!

Well, I did it this weekend.

Yep. I cut my own hair.

While I don’t have a bald spot, there’s a gorgeous patch in the back that I definitely cut too close. My bangs are really short. They are uneven. Some places my hair goes one way. Some places it goes another. It’s so me. It’s cool. It’s comfortable. Hats are stylish if I have to go out. Who the heck cares what I look like?

That got me thinking about how many things we don’t do because we are scared of what we might look like. Sometimes, that’s a good thing. It keeps us from doing things we’ll regret. But there are times when it’s just good to cut loose (or cut your hair) because life is too short not to laugh at yourself and go on.

Don’t take yourself so seriously that you never do something stupid once in a while. Sometimes, like a bad haircut, it’s the fun you didn’t know you needed.


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