Warm Days/Cold Days

Yesterday was one of the warmest days we’ve had all winter. Rain fell in the morning, but by noon, the air smelled like damp earth, green leaves, and spring.

This morning, the sky is a bright blue, frost coated the ground, and my breath froze in the air.

Writing can be like that, too. Some days, the words flow like warm honey. Other days, it’s that sticky molasses at the bottom of the jar.

Many factors play into how easy writing is for me from day to day. They aren’t always what I would expect either. Often, when I’m stressed, tired, and feeling frantic to escape, I have my best days writing. Days when I’m less worried, and more interested in engaging the world, tend to be days I’m distracted. Words are harder to come by. When the house is noisy, many things are going on, someone is playing a movie or listening to music and the phone is always ringing, often correlates to my highest productivity. When it’s quiet, no one wants to interrupt me, and the house needs cleaning, I’m more likely to procrastinate writing and dive into my watercolor art. Go figure that one out. I’m not normal.

But whatever the atmospheric conditions, I always try to write. Whether that’s 50 words or 5,000 words, it’s like we say around here. Don’t like the weather? Stick around. In a day it will change.

Million Word Madness Weekly Update  22,119 words

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