Time For That Writing Retreat

I’ve had this in my mind since spring—a writer’s retreat at home for me. Lots of craft books, lots of writing, some good food, time spent in other rejuvenating creative activities, and withdrawal from the vast majority of social media obligations and so forth for about four weeks.

I think August will be that month.

It’s been one wild summer. I’ve had a ton of revisions through the months of May and June, and am contemplating a really intense August revision schedule. I also have some drafting I want to get through. My painting has suffered through the summer. Now is a good time to give that the attention it deserves.

Hopefully, the pull back into the creative world will also be a good way to spend more time interacting with my immediate family, spending some days out on the local rivers and lakes, and getting a few home repair projects done that have been waiting a while.

So—no blog posts from me in August.

I’ll be writing.

See you on the other side.

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