Remember, Remember, the month of November

As evidenced by the fact that it is now December, November was a busy month. I had hoped to finish a drafting project and one revision project. What I ended up doing? No drafting. Revised two projects. Line edits for another. Also, I got some fantastic publishing news for FLIPPING.

I was scheduled for a September 2022 release. Well, I got moved to the main line with City Owl, which moved up my publishing schedule. The current date for Flipping’s release is July 28, 2022.

I’m excited about this development. I can’t wait for readers to meet Charley and Austin and the most dysfunctional family of ghosts that ever made a haunted house a home!

Final Stats for the Million Words Project.

I started November with 909,732.

I ended with 1,017,546 words for the year—drafting, redrafting, and rewrites.

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