End of Year Thoughts

It’s been one heck of a year. Let’s see what I got done.

Paintings: I lost count. A ton. Looking back over my journal, I was painting between 4 and 6 pieces per month.

Reading: Probably between 40-60 books this year, not counting Beta reads. I averaged 4-6 books a month, and at least in the first half of the year, was working on anywhere from 1-3 Beta reads at the same time. Most weeks I was also reading 2-3 published books at the same time.

Drafted: 4 novels (200K, 150K, 100K, 75K), 3 short stories. Finished a trilogy. Wrote the text for an illustrated book I’m planning for next year.

Revised: 4 novels, 2 of them twice.

Study: Went through a course on Emotions in Fiction. Worth every penny. (CS Lakin—it’s a good course and makes The Emotional Craft of Fiction a lot more approachable and understandable)

Publishing: Had two short stories get honorable mention in a contest, two short stories accepted for publication.

Words: passed 1 million words written for NaNoWriMo this year, had multiple 100K months and one 150K month.

What I didn’t get done:

I really wanted to write more short stories and work on more craft exercises. I had trouble putting together a group that wanted to study and trade exercises, though. I have to learn that when it comes to craft study, I need to expect to be largely on my own and simply forge ahead without support.

I needed to query more. But this year was a strange year for querying.

I want to revise more books. While I did draft four books, including a hefty 200K epic fantasy sequel, I felt that it took me too long. My average drafting time was six to eight weeks for 100K, and I’d like to cut that in half next year.

I didn’t keep up with my blog! <Slinks away in shame>

Goals post next Monday!

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