2021 Writing Goals

Last year was an amazing year for my writing. I want 2021 to be even more spectacular.

This year’s plan:

Draft 4 to 5 books

Revise 6 books

Write 52 short stories/flash fiction pieces

Continue with my 5000 to 7000 words/5 days a week, but take off time to get out in the woods where I belong

Do a better job keeping up with my blog

Start teaching myself the art of illustrating books, digital drawings, and layering paintings

Read 100 books.

That’s a lot.

It’s not that much more than what I did last year, though. The trick is planning it all. I have each month mapped out, what contests might be going on at the time, what works I can be doing at the same time, how much time I want to devote per week to writing, art, and reading.

Am I going to be upset if I don’t get it all done? No. Flexibility in working toward goals is important. Life happens. And sometimes it doesn’t happen. But I did find that having a plan for what can be done regardless of what could happen, has been extremely helpful for me when it comes to productivity and maintaining focus.

Plus, I get to positively wallow in the delight of four or five new stories, 6 old ones, and painting all my favorite characters. What’s not to love?

I can’t wait to get started.

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